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SFATA True Value Memberships

Our new SFATA “True Value Memberships” program brings real tangible value to vapor products companies of all sizes. Because membership is open to all facets of the vapor products industry, and all of our members agree to abide by our Principles, the networking opportunity is tremendous for companies seeking to find other reputable businesses.

Our members are manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and the various service providers involved in their businesses. We also will extend Associate Memberships to members of the academic community and other non-profit organizations. This diverse and robust mix of members is what makes participating in SFATA exciting and always an opportunity for our member companies, big and small.

Because we represent companies ranging from the smallest micro-business to the companies that have a national footprint and multiple facilities, we have a membership tier program that welcomes all sizes of companies. We have graduated benefit offerings at each tier that allow ALL to find value in SFATA at a price they can afford to figure into their own operating budgets. But, make no mistake; you only pay at the level that matches the benefits you desire from your trade association. We no longer base our membership rates on what we think you can pay. Rather, we have put you in control. You now pay for the level of value you want in return!
We love our small businesses! So, we also build in a ton of value into even our most affordable tiers that is most in line with your business needs.
Just want to stay abreast of what is going on with your federal government and receive member-only discounts and invitations to member-only events? For just a small bump in annual membership, you can also tap into the “a la carte” benefits purchase program we will be rolling out soon. Mid-size companies will find great access to information and resources they need to navigate the regulatory and marketplace torrid waters. And, some of the higher tier benefits will be available to them on an “a la carte” menu that is coming soon as an added benefit for our mid-tier members.

Larger manufacturing companies will enjoy tremendous opportunities to mix with potential customers and build brand loyalty by demonstrating a commitment to the SFATA advocacy efforts. They will also find opportunities to provide direct influence into the decision making of the SFATA leadership, if they choose to join at a level that allows them to sit on our Business Advisory Council, plus more one-on-one time with our Executive Director and our Federal Lobbyist.

All of our annual memberships have an optional installment payment plan (except for our “Basic” membership which is only available as a one-time annual payment). And, when you stretch your annual cost over 12 months, you might be surprised to see how affordable even the higher tier levels of membership really are! (Convenience fee applies to all installment plans – See Terms of Membership, Payment Terms and Conditions.  See Terms of Membership).

Want more detail on the SFATA True Value Memberships program? Click here.

Contributions or gifts to Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. However, they may be tax deductible under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. For tax year 2017, we estimate 80% of dues will go to the organization’s lobbying activities. Please consult your tax advisor.”