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Description of Benefits



Monthly Newsletter The biggest news and coverage of industry activities.
Calls to Action We will let you know what to say, who needs to hear it, and how to get your message across to your elected officials at just the right time to have the largest impact on bills and regulations being considered by your U.S. federal government.
Member-only Insider Updates Executive Director will communicate directly with members via email on important information that is exclusive as a privilege of membership.
Optional Installment Payment Plan (Convenience Fee applies) With signed installment payment agreement and credit card on file, members can spread their annual membership (plus convenience fee) over 12 months with this popular payment plan.
Voting rights in SFATA Board election SFATA board elections take place every year.Our members all have a say in who will be steering the mission and directing their membership dues dollars in these annual elections.
Weekly federal lobbyist update SFATA's federal lobbyist is in the trenches representing members with elected officials, their staff, and various agencies that regulate our industry.This is a direct report, every week, on what he is seeing and hearing on the front lines and what members can do in order to help create a healthier regulatory environment for their businesses.
Invitation to DC "Fly-In" One of our most popular member activities!We will train you, set up your appointments with your elected officials in Washington, D.C., and then help coordinate and guide you as you engage in the most sacred of American political traditions.You will be exercising your right to petition your government for proper treatment of your business and we will help!
Business Insurance Discount Since 2008, Calco Commercial Insurance has been the vapor industry’s go-to-broker for insurance coverage. Insurance is available in all 50-States and Washington D.C.
Member pricing on conference registration As a member of SFATA, you receive special discount pricing anywhere we open participation to non-members.In many cases, there will be additional discounts offered for premium level members.
NATO intel reports SFATA's membership with NATO means our members also have access to the top-notch work that the NATO team is doing at the city and county level around the country.
We Card member promotions Throughout the year, We Card offers SFATA members special discounts and promotions.
Invitation to member-only events Some training sessions, seminars, special speakers, the Fly-In and webinars will be exclusive to SFATA members only.
Discount on FDA Legal Counsel with Azim Chowdhury. Azim Chowdhury, with Keller & Heckman, has been at the forefront of the vapor industry’s federal legal issues for many years and is probably the most recognized name in this space.All SFATA members will receive a waiver on their initial retainer and 5% off their first billing.
Use of SFATA Member Medallion on website All members of SFATA can proudly display our logo on their website and at their places of business to let your customers know that you are actively engaged in supporting the survival of this industry and are operating as a responsible company in the marketplace.If your company has chosen to invest at a higher level in SFATA's efforts to save this industry, you will be given a special emblem that you can use to make sure all potential customers know of your premium level commitment to their cause.
Member-only Content access on website Some special resources will be held in reserve for our members, whose annual dues make it all possible.
Conference registration - Extra discount As a member of SFATA, you receive special discount pricing anywhere we open participation to non-members.In some cases, there will be additional discounts offered for premium level members.
Ability to purchase “a la cart” benefits Want just one or two of the benefits of our higher tiers?Some of these enhanced benefits will be offered for an additional charge.Not all exclusive high-tier benefits will be offered, at any price, as they are reserved for the companies who sustain SFATA's ability to operate. Watch your inbox for your invitation to participate!
Celebrate True Value Memberships with this Limited Time Offer for one FREE We Card staff training course! This special kick-off promotional offer from We Card is open to SFATA Members at bronze level and above through April 30, 2017. One free online staff training course will be awarded to each member who signs up for the new SFATA True Value Memberships program at the Bronze level or higher.
Weekly federal update sponsorship opportunity with logo With this sponsorship opportunity, you help us fund our federal program and we will thank you with an acknowledgement in a Federal Update email to all SFATA members.It is a great way to demonstrate your support for all SFATA is doing to save this industry and get your brand recognized as a leader in this effort.Our weekly Federal Update emails have a very high "open rate." SFATA members rate them among their highest value benefits of membership when surveyed.
Enhanced Advocacy training Move beyond the "click here and send" engagement and learn how to really impact your government from SFATA experts who work professionally in this role. Our Executive Director (a former lawmaker, herself) has been on the receiving end of advocacy, good and bad, and will coach you to greater effectiveness in how to really make an impact that persuades opinions of lawmakers.
We Card -Point of Sale Retail Kit This is the vapor store start-up kit with everything you need to demonstrate that you are a responsible retailer in your community who is actively working to prevent sales to minors.The kit includes stickers for windows, employee guidance, a special "If you were born after this date" calendar display, and more.We Card will ship you the kit with the dates which correspond to the law in your jurisdiction!
We Card -training for retail staff Getting your retail staff properly trained is a responsible business practice and will help reduce problems with government enforcement costs.But, did you know that in some cases, having sent all of your retail staff could help you get fines reduced if an employee slips up? The fines are steep and the cost of the We Card online training class is low.SFATA recommends all members send their staffs through this course.
Quarterly Briefing on Court Cases by SFATA’s FDA Legal Counsel There is a lot going on in the Judicial branch that isn’t always easily understood or covered by the press.Azim Chowdhury will provide a quarterly update to keep subscribers in the know on various cases going on around the country.
50-State Legislative Bill Monitoring Service ($26,000 value) - optional* This is a core piece of government affairs intelligence that is largely missing in the vapor industry.SFATA will bring it to our interested members at a dramatically reduced cost.The often-requested service is cost prohibitive to small businesses to purchase on their own. SFATA has negotiated a group purchasing option which will allow our members to "buy in" to this elite information service that is normally only accessible to very large companies. This tracking service gives you the ability to access ALL of the bills that impact your business in ALL 50 states for the year.You can select only those states in which you operate, only those policy issues with which you are most concerned, and follow the bills from introduction to the final vote.This includes information about upcoming scheduled hearings, bill sponsors, and more. For companies that are serious about staying engaged, staying profitable, or just for planning purposes, this is an essential tool in this industry.
NFIB membership Rebate The Nation Federation of Independent Businesses is the leading Small Business Association in the U.S. Through this layered membership, you will access to a whole world of additional benefits designed just for American small business owners.You become a part of 325,000 like-minded small business owners who are also on a mission to fight for the right to own, operate and grow their businesses.The extra lobbying power and the impression you make on lawmakers is elevated when you combine your SFATA and NFIB memberships.NFIB's advocacy reach is in Washington DC and in every state capitol!While they may not be specifically fighting for vapor products, they are well-aligned with many of the issues that plague our industry today.And, their policy positions are shaped by the members, themselves.Just imagine if we could ultimately bring our issues into bright focus with their lobbying power by significantly adding to their numbers with vapor businesses!Read more about this fantastic new benefit at
Expo booth discount* If SFATA sells booth space at a future expo, we will extend an offer for premium level members to participate and enjoy a deep discount!
Personalized expert FDA Legal Counsel (provided by Azim Chowdhury, with signed Letter of Agreement) Azim Chowdhury, of Keller and Heckman, LLP in Washington, DC, has been the leading legal voice on vapor issues since the early days of the industry.In fact, Azim represents many of the industry's top players, including SFATA.We are now bringing this expertise to our members with a special discount for all. And, for premium level members, we will even pay for a portion of members' hourly billing.While SFATA can give pass on some general guidance, nothing replaces true legal counsel for any company in any industry. This is particularly true in an industry like vapor, where the laws and rules seem to always be changing! You really do need to be able to get solid legal advice on which to base your own unique business decisions.So, when you hear, "Seek your own legal counsel," you will be confident knowing that you have access to the best.Azim is ready and anxious to work with you as a SFATA member! (Individual Letters of Agreement will be required to protect the client-attorney relationship).
ATR insider briefing annual subscription ($3,000 retail value) This is actionable intelligence for your business – large or small – as it relates to Congress, Health and Human Services (HHS), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Trump Administration; It delivers “deeper dives” into the strategy surrounding a predicate date change, a vast array of relevant legislation, the process for the introduction, consideration, and passage of relevant bills. This is exclusive content that isn’t available to the general public as it relates to the vapor industry and its consumers. This ATR "Views and News Pro" helps busy professionals Cut through the clutter for answers about what’s going on in Washington, D.C.
We Card - Mystery Shopper Service for one store Want to see how well your employees are incorporating their age-verification training into real world situations BEFORE the FDA inspectors make a surprise visit at your business?TheWe Card"ID CHECK-UP" service is just what you need. As part of a completeWe Cardtraining program, ID CHECK-UPs can help make a big difference in employee performance in preventing underage tobacco sales (and the steep fines that accompany noncompliance). This benefit is for the “minimum initial order” that spans 3 months of mystery shopping at one retail location.($72 value!)
We Card Annual Kit Renewals discount Every year, the materials used for age-of-purchase compliance need to be updated with new dates.As a SFATA member retailer, you may qualify for free or reduced prices on these annual renewal We Card store materials every year you maintain your SFATA membership!
Named sponsorship opportunities (webinars, lunches, receptions, etc.) Show our 1100 member companies that you are heavily invested in this organization, and the industry's survival, by sponsoring events and activities. We will be sure to give your company’s brand the high profile acknowledgement you deserve.
Invitations to private exclusive receptions Our top supporters will receive invitation-only access to exclusive receptions.
Professional Media Training opportunity (extra fee applies) Working with the media is like a sword fight at times in this hostile press environment.Get expert training in this all-day workshop and make the most of your interviews! You will also learn how to avoid press “hatchet” work that could harm your business and the entire industry. If you are a leader in the vapor community, make sure you represent yourself that way on camera with this essential training.
Recognition at Annual Meeting Announcements, Printed Agendas, table tents, Banners, and other options exist.Talk to us about what you prefer to get your brand in front of potential clients at our Annual Meeting.
Education on Exporting products to International Markets You are hearing more and more about other companies who are actively pursuing foreign markets to grow their businesses (and possibly to save it if the U.S. regulatory environment doesn’t turn around quickly).Our intent to help our members stabilize their futures by diversifying their market portfolio, or at least understand what this would mean in their planning.
Conference - Free Registrations Premium memberships include a defined number of free conference registrations for employees of the member company.We want to see your companies have a solid presence at conference!
Greg Conley "AVA" personal consultation Greg wants to see SFATA member companies not just survive, but thrive.In addition to his advocacy work, he provides one-on-one help to companies across the country.He will provide one-hour of consultation for FREE.($400 value).
Exclusive briefings with federal lobbyist Our federal lobbyist will deliver this "deeper dive" on issues, strategies, and insider discussions beyond the written weekly update to premium members. This briefing also allows you to ask questions and get answers from your SFATA federal lobbyist who is on the front lines representing you every day.
Business Advisory Council Seat This exclusive group of SFATA member company owners will provide valuable input to board discussions and decisions.As companies who are most invested in the organization, they will be able to help the Executive Director stay aware of early indicators in the marketplace and inform SFATA officers' initiatives for the good of the industry.Business Advisory Council members will also be recognized in various SFATA communications and will identified as such at conferences and other organization-wide meetings they may attend.
Invitation to Business Advisory Council Retreat Once per year, the Business Advisory Council members and the Executive Director will gather for a more intimate discussion on many issues that concern the industry and the organization, itself.This casually elegant retreat is one you won’t want to miss!
Monthly exclusive briefing with ED Get beyond the written updates and newsletters, with an opportunity to ask questions and get the answers you need directly from our Executive Director.We are fortunate in this time in our industry to have a leader who is also an experienced government affairs professional and former lawmaker.If you aren’t connecting directly with Pamela Gorman, you will have your chance each month when you participate in this special exclusive video briefing.
Direct access to federal lobbyist (outside of organization wide events) Outside of official events and projects, you will have your own direct access to our federal lobbyist for help with activities where you would like to have his input or even his participation, when possible.
1 mail out to full SFATA mailing list to highlight company As a "thank you" to our financially sustaining members, who support this organization at a level that permits us to provide excellent services to all of our members, we will mail out information on your business or a special promotion you may be offering to other member companies.This is a limited offering only, as we will not ever overwhelm our members with marketing.
Lobbyist Training service If you desire to have lobbyist representation exclusively for your company, you will need a seasoned government affairs professional on staff to train your new contract lobbyist and keep them informed on the issues that emerge to potentially cripple your profitability.
Speaking opportunities to members at conferences, workshops, etc. (extra charge applies) Demonstrate your professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to excellence by giving a lecture, speaking at events, sitting on expert panels, teaching a workshop, etc.You know that other SFATA members are your potential clients.This is your chance to blow them away and earn their respect for future business opportunities.
Potential opportunity to sit on board* When a vacancy exists on the SFATA Board of Directors, the by-laws provide an option for the Board to appoint an individual to fill that seat.In these situations, the board will give Cloak Room members a first-option invitation to apply for this position.
Annual on-site meeting with ED Our Executive Director will meet with you, in person, and your convenience and at your place of business (if you prefer) to provide direct access and consultation while listening to your thoughts and suggestions for SFATA’s future.
* When Available