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Helping Hand - Hurricane Harvey
Houston city scape
Photo by Vlad Busuioc  

Hurricane Harvey has hit Texas. Flooding and tornados have already taken their toll. People, pets and businesses continue to suffer while the rest of us watch on our television screens from the comfort of our warm, dry homes.  

This funding effort focuses on small business owners and their employees in the vapor industry.  Hundreds of retail shops are affected by the destruction of Harvey; shops that will need help paying their insurance premiums and much needed relief for those who don’t have flood insurance coverage at all.  Some will need to relocate, most will need to replace inventory, and all will be without sales revenue to live on while the work is completed.  The employees of these businesses will also be without income during rebuilding.  Without the ability to stay afloat while rebuilding their small businesses, family income will be lost and the suffering will ripple through their lives and local economies. 

We are asking all members of the vapor community, businesses and consumers alike, to reach into their hearts and then into their wallets to help us reach our financial goal.   

Donate Now!

All proceeds will go towards assisting the shop owners and employees of vapor industry businesses in their rebuilding efforts. 

All vapor industry businesses in the affected region are welcomed to apply for relief.  Applications will be made available in the coming days. Please check our Facebook page for announcements. 

We will also strive for transparency by letting donors know who received their generous life-changing financial gift, as long as we are provided permission to do so.

This GoFundMe fundraiser is being run by caring volunteers under the covering of Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association, the national trade association for the vapor products industry.  (“SFATA”) is a not-for-profit trade association that has been in operation since 2012 and is a name you can trust when considering how best to help the small business of the vapor industry.  

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